About Us

Call us a network. Call us a tribe. Call us family. Whatever you call us, whoever you are, we need each other.

Bodhi Wellness is a community of practice, devoted to pioneering deep change in our hearts, minds, spirits, and bodies. We’ve unearthed an eclectic mix of programs designed to answer your wellness wishes, from energy healing and sex therapies to individualized lifestyle, spiritual, and corporate coaching.

Taught by a remarkable array of accomplished practitioners, teachers, and authentic professionals intent on sharing their proven paths to success, Bodhi programs are a refuge for those searching for personal growth on another level.

Meet the Tribe

Patty Fuenzalida

Founder & CEO

Patty Fuenzalida is the founder of Coral Gables Hypnosis, Bodhi Wellness, The Sex Summit, and The Women’s Community Network. All her businesses are located in Miami and are focused on empowering men, women and children to live their best lives.

Before beginning her work as a coach and entrepreneur, Patty served as a sales leader for various US corporations. She spent 15 years training and leading sales professionals to create the results they want. Her commitment to empowering others led her to become a consulting hypnotist, where she has worked for the past twelve years. Along with her background in psychology, she is also a certified Unitarian Reiki practitioner and Master-level NLP practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), both or which she applies in her professional practice.

In her role as a hypnotist and coach, Patty has worked with hundreds of clients to overcome challenges ranging from anxiety and nervousness to sexual trauma and abuse. In her years of practice, she has found a consistent link between how her clients use language to speak to themselves and in their lives and the results they manifest in their daily lives and relationships.

Patty has a passion for creating community and empowerment via enlightened businesses. Devoted to freeing her clients and employees from the barriers that stop them from leading fulfilling lives, Patty is able to pull from her experience as a coach and from her industry experience to coach her clients on overcoming emotional, physical, energetic and mental obstacles.

Patty holds a BA from Florida International University. She is a Board Certified Hypnotist, and Approved Trainer and Facilitator with the International Association of Counselors and Therapists. She is an Ordained Minister, a Unitarian Reiki Master and a Master-Level NLP Practitioner. She obtained her certification from the (Tony) Robbins-(Chloe) Madanes Training Center in 2019.

Outside of her work sphere, Patty is an avid outdoors woman, taking advantage of any opportunity to take off into nature and recharge. She is also head of her tribe, which includes her husband, three children, and Spirit, the German Shepherd. They all live together out in Redland, Florida.

2019-2020 Class Curriculum

IACT Hypnotherapist Certification (5 Days)
Unitarian Reiki Certification (3 Days)
Quantum DNA Activation (5 hours)
Journey into Past Lives/Journey with the Masters (2 hours)
Forgiveness: The Big Leap Into Spiritual Awakening (5 hours)
Manifesting Abundance & Prosperity (6 hours)

To book Patty for speaking engagements, classes or to schedule a coaching consultation email patty@pattyfuenzalida.com

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Gabriela Galvan de Antillon

Board Certified Sex Therapist
Certified Addictions Therapist

Gabriela has been in the Mental Health field for over 15 years. She holds a masters degree in Mental Health and a post Graduate specialization in Sex Therapy, Sex Offender Treatment, and Substance Abuse. She has been in private practice for 8 years in Coral Gables.

As a Board Certified Sex Therapist she works with individuals and couples in the areas of sex, sexual performance, intimacy, and traditional relationship dynamics. Her under 18 clients are primary sexual abuse and sexual concern. She works with all orientations and religious groups. Gabriela is an integral part of the Bodhi tribe that brings a level of professionalism and knowledge that is not matched by other practitioners in her field.

Alison Yanni, LMT

Craniosacral, LMT
Mindset Coach
Medical Intuitive

Alison is dedicated to the physical and spiritual growth of her clients. She is an upledger trained Craniosacral Therapist specializing in immune dysfunction/dis-ease, chronic pain, obstetrics, pediatrics and women’s health.

Her hypnosis specialities are comprised of re-awakening the deeper sense of self, connecting to the Divine within, rebalancing the body during times of illness such as cancer, fertility abundance, birth preparation, and releasing trauma from the mind and body.

She is currently writing a book on Womb Wisdom which is a collection of knowledge gathered from over a decade in women’s health and channeling from the Divine about lineage release and the deeper wisdom and connection that lies in the womb space.

Monica Bermudez

Mindset Coach
Certified Hypnotist
NLP Practitioner
Unitarian Reiki Practitioner
Certified Magnetic Emotional Energetic Biodecoding Practitioner

Monica has worked with a diverse population ranging from adults with disabilities to the maternal and child health population. She has a strong desire to contribute her comprehensive, intuitive experience and educational background in social work to make a positive difference in people’s lives. Additionally, she has acquired the ability to evaluate the physical, emotional and spiritual need of the individual to help facilitate their process of healing through her
intuitive gifts. Monica’s brand of coaching is focused on helping people find themselves by tapping into the subconscious mind and using the full potential of the mind to heal their physical, mental, emotional and astral body.
As a hypnotist and a reiki practitioner Monica has been blessed with the gift of feeling and communicating through energy work. She has had the opportunity to combine her psychic abilities to provide intuitive counseling, hypnosis, reiki and self-rediscovery therapy and Magnetic Emotional Energetic Biodecoding with individuals seeking physical and spiritual guidance. Monica is a firm believer in that we can all help one another to live our lives to the fullest and has a serene, calm demeanor and personality that invites connection and trust between practitioner and client.

2019-2020 Class Curriculum

Journey into Past Lives
Journey with the Masters
Forgiveness: The Big Leap Into Spiritual Awakening (5 hours)
Chakra Series: A 6 Week Deep-Dive into the Chakras

To book Monica for speaking engagements, classes or to schedule a coaching consultation email monica@coralgablehypnosis.com

Ralph Duran

Mindset Coach
Certified Stress Management Coach
Unitarian Reiki Practitioner

Ralph’s mission is to create lasting positive changes in his clients. He combines hypnosis with Neuro Linguistic Programing, life coaching and reiki to empower people to change their lives for the better.

Ralph’s skills have been used in law enforcement areas of Hostage and Crisis Negotiations, Special Victims cases such as assault and abuse over the time span of 23 years. Ralph focuses on areas of stress management, sports and work performance, and positive practice. He has used his skills with high level athletes in the areas of performance, anxiety and focus for the last 10 years.

On his off time, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends fishing and spending time on the water.

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Marianna Lopez

Sound Healer

Mariana was born in Miami, Florida, and spent her youth between Miami, Argentina, and Switzerland. Fun fact: she even spent a year living on a sailboat! Yoga and meditation came into my life in her early 20s when she began practicing Swasthya Yoga while in Argentina. Fast forward to her late twenties, while living in NYC she discovered Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s The Art of Living.

Combining breath with meditation became a powerful tool for her to deal with her own anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, and seasonal depression.

After losing both her younger brother and her father, unexpectedly, Marianna sought traditional therapy to help cope with her losses. After a few sessions, Marianna realized she felt disconnected and instead of going back, she dove deeply into alternative healing.

She decided that she would heal herself by helping others heal. Her passion is to be a space for others to discover their light, embrace their shadow and find a balanced, joyful life. She works together with you to clear out what no longer serves you, so you can have the life of your dreams. This may include some tough love and tears, but then you will suddenly find yourself walking the walk and talking the talk. No more holding back. We’ve got one shot, so what are you waiting for?

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Adriana Brito

Life Coach
Higher Brain Living Facilitator

Adriana is passionate about personal growth, a firm believer of life-balance, and a strong promoter of living in plenitude. She graduated with honors from Industrial/Organizational Psychology at the Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico City and later received her Master’s Degree in Organizational Development at the INESPO. She is also a certified Business, Life, and Spiritual Coach.

As part of her constant search of powerful and effective tools to help her clients, Adriana obtained an Advanced Certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and in the Points of You Program.

Since 2010, as an independent Coach, she has dedicated her career to guiding her clients in the achievement of their goals.

In 2017, Adriana obtained a Certification as Higher Brain Living Advanced Facilitator in Chicago, USA.

Family is of utmost importance in her life.  She loves her role as a front-row-mom and being able to be present in all important moments, as well as in her kids’ every day simple, yet full-of-instants life.

Adriana appreciates a healthy lifestyle, sharing with her friends, and her professional development. Community service is also an important part of her life.

Ivy Soteldo

Ayurvedic Therapies & Usui Reiki Healer

Finding in service great gratification and self-healing, Ivy works for the benefit of the patient's spirit fitting each therapy to the patient’s needs assisting in the process of providing balance and restore health using the help of our Ayurvedic Doctors. Balance your mind, body, and emotions through ayurvedic therapies taking you to your true nature as spirit connecting with the elements within.

Living in Miami, we experience stress constantly, driving, interacting with people, even in our work environment we could experience high levels of stress. Ivy's mission is to bring balance into your life through Ayurvedic Medicine raising your energy’s vibration and assisting you in the process of reconnecting with your spirit.

Ivy researched the impact that emotions have on our lives, and realized that her own health had been affected by difficult emotions and losses. No medicine would work, weekly visits to the hospital didn’t help.

Through seeking her own treatment, Ivy to discovered the value of Ayurveda in one’s life. Her goal is to bring about health, wellness and balance to her clients.

Certification in Ayurvedic Body Therapies by the California College of Ayurveda

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Sat Anand

Kundalini yoga teacher

Sat started her Kundalini Yoga studies more than a decade ago in the City of London at the Karam Kriya School of Yoga with the schools’ Director, Shiv Charan Singh and Teachers from the UK and Europe.

She is certified by KRI Kundalini Research Institute and a member of the IKYTA International Kundalini Yoga Teacher Association since 2011.

Sat is originally from Chile and has lived in many countries before finally settling down in Miami with her husband Mario. She feels very fortunate and honoured to be able to share this powerful ancient technology and serve each participant of her classes to experience the bliss of their own Highest Consciousness.

She leads her classes with joy and spiritual devotion, emphasizing the understanding of Mantra, using chanting and sound particularly during meditations to tune in with the Universal vibration we all are.

Her aim is to guide the students towards a calm and focused mind, knowledge of the self and a rejuvenated healthy body. She is passionate about Yoga and loves to help people find their inner freedom and beauty.

Happiness Is Your Birthright !