You Are Worth My Time

Think about that statement for a minute. It’s pretty lovely, isn’t it? And for all of us at Bodhi, it aptly describes the beauty of couples therapy.



Relationships are a lot of work, and none of them are immune from both internal and external stresses. There’s work, hectic schedules, credit card bills and mortgages, kids, divided chore lists, and the inevitable “You said you would pick him up from school!” Add in “Sorry, honey, I’m just not in the mood tonight,” and you’ve just made the case for your first session.

Our ultimate goals are to get you to communicate more effectively, listen more often, and find empathy for each other. We teach ways to let go of a partner’s past mistakes when they are trying their best to change, and build both your individual and combined self-esteem and confidence levels.

Here’s what our past and present clients are saying:

“I loved having an impartial third party in a safe environment show us where we could both improve.”

“Our therapy sessions put the spark back in a relationship we were both so scared was dead.”

“It made us a team.”

“I’m not mad anymore.”

“We were so embarrassed that we needed couples’ therapy, until we were reminded that we’ve been taking better care of our car than each other. So now we call therapy our oil change.”


What If My Partner Says No?

Trust us. You won’t be the first couple to start therapy separately. Instead of waiting for the other person to change their mind, start alone. We’ll work on strengthening your own self-improvement and personal growth, and hopefully they will join you soon.

Because the benefits of couples’ therapy are immeasurable:

• Learn to prevent bad communication patterns
• Identify what pushes your partner’s buttons, and why
• Couples work leads to individual growth and improvement
• It can prevent divorce
• It’ll bring you closer together
• It clarifies the reasons to stay together, and even the reasons to separate.
• It reminds us to be kind to each other.

Our favorite part of couples therapy is the feeling of togetherness our couples get as they share, show their vulnerabilities, and work through issues to increase intimacy. It will be your favorite part, too.