Healing doesn’t mean the damage never existed. It means the damage no longer controls our lives.

At Bodhi Wellness, we can help you take control of your healing by balancing the past with your present, reprogramming the core beliefs ingrained in your mind and behaviors, and breaking the patterns that no longer serve you well. Together, we can become unstoppable.

How? We’re so glad you asked.


Let It Go, Then Move On

Are you struggling with stress, feeling like you’ve hit a roadblock at work, in need of a fresh approach to the way you’ve been maintaining your relationships, or some extra help prioritizing all the moving parts in your life?

Relax. A little hypnosis goes a long way.

At Bodhi Wellness, we have a team of trained Hypnotists who specialize in Neuro-Linguistic Programming waiting to help. Through guided hypnosis, we highlight that each of us operates within our own perspectives rather than a place of objectivity. It’s in the objectivity where healing and transformation take place.

We work together to help you understand how your thinking and behavioral patterns, emotional state, and aspirations all work together to dictate your present space. And then, we strengthen the skills that serve you best and develop new strategies to replace the unproductive ones.

Our goal? That one day very soon, you discover how fierce you really are. We’ll be there when that happens.

Is Your Past Life Holding You Back?

Past Life Regression is a type of hypnosis practice where we guide you to uncover and unlock how a past life, or lives, could be affecting you. Past life memories are an autobiography of sorts, personal stories that explain who you are now as well as your purpose on Earth.

It’s an amazing, full-sensory experience that alerts us to past patterns – both positive and negative – from talents and purpose to compulsive behavior and blocked energies.

With as few as one or two sessions, and as many as four, we work with you to find out just what past life experiences are shaping your approaches to relationships, work, fears, and successes.

Wouldn’t you love to release what’s holding you back?

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