The world will see you the way you see you, and treat you the way you treat yourself. Proceed with care.

If we asked you your strengths and glowing talents, you’d probably hesitate a bit before answering. But what if we asked you about your weaknesses? Would you rattle off a list a mile long without stopping to catch your breath?

Let’s change that, shall we? Here at Bodhi, we have a team devoted to identifying and eliminating the challenges that stand in the way of your truest potential, including:

  • A career or relationship that isn’t thriving
  • Blocked energies in your home and work environments
  • Habits that aren’t contributing to your personal and professional goals
  • Your negative personal assessment

We guide you toward ways to live more mindfully, editing the extraneous routines and stressors that don’t serve your purpose.

Spiritual Coaching


Business Coaching

For those seeking a more aligned, deeper, authentic life experience, we offer:

  • Personalized instruction on recognizing and managing your unique gifts
  • Activating your sixth sense, building intuitiveness and using it as a power source
  • Tapping into our universal life force energies, channeling its flow to avoid imbalance and blockages which can be a cause of physical pain or life patterns that keep us from progressing.
  • Quantum DNA Activation, a modality that can change our genetic imprint and propensity for disease by fully activating our multidimensional energies.
  • Past Life Regression, a full-sensory journey through past lives to gain clarity on present choices we make daily.

If you’re feeling stagnant in your career, unable to achieve the optimum performance level you know is possible, join forces with our corporate powerhouses who’ve personally learned the secrets of success. Even better, they’ve learned the importance of balance, mindfulness, supportive work environments, and innovative thinking.

Let us empower you:

  • First-year business essential package
  • Instruction on setting up a new business
  • The importance of business plans
  • Implementation of periodic sales goals
  • Mastering the steps of the sale
  • Networking techniques that generate real leads
  • Sales negotiations that work
  • Closing strategies
  • Transitioning the side-hustle to a full-time occupation

Feng Shui

bodhi office-min

When we empower our surroundings, we empower ourselves.

Everything around us is energy, so imagine what could happen if we became more intentional about how we create our personal and work environments including what we add and what we remove. Hint: It involves wealth, love, and inspiration.

If you control the flow of positive energy around you, you’ll feel more powerful, more centered, and ready to build a path toward the future of your dreams.

What is feng shui? It’s where home- and self-improvement collide; an exploration of what’s getting in our way; clarifying our missions; and empowering ourselves. And it may very well be the answer to the issues you’re facing at work and at home.