We play well with others…

Bodhi Wellness is proud to partner with businesses that support our vision of empowering and serving our local communities. Here are some folks that we have collaborated with. By working together, we create more safe spaces in Miami and then across the state (then the nation, then the globe – lets take over the world, shall we?). That’s the point: to educate and to build. If you’re about that, too – reach out. We love coffee dates and conversations. Let’s see how we can support each other.

My healing experiences at Bodhi have been nothing short of life changing.

This space is sacred, and I am incredibly grateful to have a home like this in Miami.

Sisi Smit


Thank you all for the change and healing.

Taking care of myself hasn’t always been my priority,
but thanks to the team at Bodhi it sure has become a way of life!

Anaïs Falca R. Sosa

This is a place of love.

When you find a place that just thinking about it makes you smile; a place that as soon as you walk in, your whole body relaxes and your mind expands to levels beyond the capacity that we put our consciousness to work day after day; when your heart feels overwhelmed of gratitude and recognition of its counterpart by the mere thought of it… when the people that reign this kingdom are some of the most beautiful humans inside and out that you will find on this world… do I need to say it? This is a place of love. For love. For YOU. For the community. For the world.

Yahu Palacios-Gonzalez

Things that excite you aren’t random. They are connected to your purpose. Follow them. Follow us.